Safety Center

We want all community members to have a real and safe social experience

Our live video chat app is all about creating meaningful connections. Users can connect with other community members and add friends.

Community Guidelines and Streamer

Careful what you share

Never share sexually explicit photos, images of violent acts, graphic or gory images or  imagespromoting drug use. It’s important that you don’t share your personal financial information with anyone you don’t know online.

Obey the law

Xlive will not tolerate any unlawful behavior occurring in the app. Incitement of violence, hate speech and organized crime are strictly forbidden activities that may be reported to local law enforcement.

Protect the community

If you see any behavior that violates the community guidelines, it is essential that you report it immediately. Failing to do so may resultin safety risks for yourself or other community members.

Community Guidelines and Streamer Safety

Following our Community Guidelines is essential to enjoying our apps and your safety & privacy.

Mutual Respect

Bullying or discriminating against another community member with a different social background, gender, ethnic group, race or sexual orientation is not allowed on Xlive.

Be yourself

The most important part about Xlive, is for you to be yourself. This means you should only use photos of yourself for your profile picture, never lie about your age or try impersonating someone else’s identity.

Threatening and rude behavior

Confrontational, aggressive and indecent behavior is not allowed and will not be tolerated. Making  threats of physical harm may also prompt the involvement of local law enforcement.

You need to be 18 or older to join

In order to use the use Xlive and make new connections, you must be 18 years of age or older. When signing-up whether through Facebook, Google Play, the App Store or by mobile number, you will be required to verify your age.

We never share your private data

We don’t have ads, so we don’t make money by selling private data to any external third-party companies, nor do we share your exact location or phone number with other users. You can also go to your profile settings and customize your privacy settings at any point, making sure that you share only what you want to.


This page is intended as a resource to easily understand the principles of Xlive’s Community Guidelines, for a more detailed list of the community rules see here . To access our terms of use, you can  view them here. For our privacy policy, visit them