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The Xlive team (Xlive) greatly appreciates the work law enforcement and regulatory enforcement agencies do to keep people safe around the world. Xlive is committed to cooperating fully with all legal Law Enforcement (“LE”) or Regulatory Enforcement (“RE”) Requests for Information (“RFI”).

To facilitate greater ease and expedience, Xlive has created a Law Enforcement and Regulatory RFI Overview to provide guidance as to how to submit an RFI for the purpose of securing relevant account holder or transactional information that may be held by Xlive. 

For more details regarding the possible availability of Xlive user records, content, request submissions and legal process required to compel disclosure of the data, please refer to our Xlive Law Enforcement Guide housed within our Safety Center.

Domestic and International Inquiries Hong Kong Legal Process Requirements

We disclose account information solely in accordance with the terms and conditions of our services and applicable law. Xlive will only process an RFI that is supported by a legal supporting document.

Type of Requests

We only accept the following requests from LE or RE authorities:

Formal Legal Requests. For requests pursuant to a formal compulsory legal process issued under law, we will only provide records as required by law and legal request. Response times may vary depending on case complexity and the types of information/records requested.
Preservation Requests. For requests that identify an account by User/Account Holder, Username, mobile phone, or email address, we will preserve then-existing account records for 90 days, pending service of a formal legal process.

Account Information/Data Preservation

Xlive honors formal requests from LE or RE authorities to preserve account information in accordance with relevant and applicable law. Upon receipt of a signed and dated preservation request letter from a LE agency, our Legal and Compliance Department (“L& C”) will conduct a review of the request.

Once our L&C Department verifies the lawfulness of the request, and that Xlive possesses the requested information, Xlive will preserve the requested information. Xlive will follow up with the LE and confirm preservation of the requested information.

The information will be preserved for up to 90 days. It is the responsibility of the LE to obtain the requisite legal document, on the back of the preservation request, to facilitate the transfer of the information lawfully to the LE.

Data Retention and Availability

We will research and disclose information/data that is specified with particularity in an appropriate legal manner and which we are reasonably able to locate and retrieve. We do not retain data for law enforcement purposes unless we receive a valid preservation request before a user has deleted that content from our service. Xlive strictly adheres to local data privacy/retention law in relevant jurisdictions. Where these requests may conflict with local law related to data privacy/ retention we will seek legal advice.

Emergency Requests for Information (ERFI)

Emergency requests are characterized as those made by an LE to address an imminent threat/danger to an individual or individuals. Xlive is able, under some circumstances, to voluntarily disclose account related information when we believe, in good faith, that an emergency situation poses a threat of imminent death or serious bodily injury to a person or persons, and that the emergency situation would require the immediate disclosure of such information. To facilitate an emergency request, please enclose an emergency disclosure request form along with the request.

Note: We will not review or respond to requests submitted by non-law enforcement officials. Users aware of an emergency situation should immediately and directly contact local law enforcement officials.

Child Safety Matters

In instances where we are made aware of potential child exploitation content on our platform, our L&C will review the allegations and, if appropriate, report such situations to local LE. In addition, Xlive will take steps, should allegations be founded, to shut down and expel bad users/streamers from our site in accordance with our community guidelines.

User Consent

Xlive does not disclose user data based on user consent.

Notification to Users

Our policy is to notify our users when we receive legal requests seeking the production of user records, information, or content. We recognize two exceptions to this policy. First, we will not notify users of legal requests where providing notice is prohibited by law or by other legal authority. Second, where we, in our sole discretion, believe an exceptional circumstance exists — such as cases involving child exploitation or the threat of imminent death or bodily injury — we reserve the right to forgo user notice.


Xlive does not provide expert witness testimony. Data productions made to LE will be accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity, which should eliminate the need for the testimony of a Custodian of Records in most jurisdictions.

Cost Reimbursement

We may seek reimbursement for costs in responding to an RFI as provided by law. These fees apply on a per-request and per-account basis. We may also charge additional fees for costs incurred in responding to unusual or burdensome requests such as those requiring an expedited response.

Xlive, at its sole discretion, may waive these fees in matters investigating potential harm to children and our users, and emergency requests.

Types of Information/Data

In accordance with our Privacy Policy and Data Policy, when users sign-up for an account managed by Xlive, we collect the following information: Email address, city location, gender and name. On an optional basis, users may also provide further personal information, but this is not mandated to establish an account.

Xlive, and its affiliated companies and subsidiaries, may collect and store information about users’ usage of and interaction with the Service and our platforms.

Submission of Requests

Law Enforcement officials may use the following delivery method for the submission of requests:

. By email:

Further details please refer to the submission guideline  here


Acceptance of legal process by any of these means is for convenience and does not waive any objections, including lack of jurisdiction or proper service.

We will not respond to correspondence sent by non-law enforcement officials to the addresses above.


The latest version is updated on Nov 20, 2020

Law Enforcement and Regulatory Enforcement Request for Information Processing Guidelines

The Xlive team (Xlive) appreciates the work law enforcement and regulatory agencies do to keep people safe around the world. This document describes procedures that law enforcement and/or regulatory authorities (domestic and international) should follow to request records or information from Xlive (its related entities, affiliates, and/or contractors).

All Requests for Information (“RFI”) submitted by Law Enforcement (“LE”) or Regulatory Enforcement (“RE”) agencies are handled and managed confidentially.

This document was updated on Nov 20, 2020 and denotes the information necessary to deliver and process any/all LE and RE Requests for Information RFI.

1. Service of RFI:

All Law Enforcement and Regulator RFI should be sent to:

1.1 Address for Service of RFI

All Law Enforcement/Regulator RFIs must be sent one of two ways:

• By e-mail to:

1.2 Types of RFI

All RFIs for records or data should include the Type of Request in the Subject Line. For example, an RFI subject line should state “LEGAL RECORDS REQUEST”

• Legal Records Request. For requests pursuant to a formal compulsory legal process issued under country/national law, we will provide records as required by law. Response times vary depending on case complexity and types of records requested.
• Preservation of Records Request. For requests that identify an account by User/Account Holder, Username, mobile phone, or email address, we will preserve then-existing account records for 90 days, pending service of formal legal process by the requesting law enforcement or regulatory agency/ entity.
• Emergency Records Request. Emergency requests must be made using the attached Emergency Request for Information (ERFI) Form and will only receive a response if the requestor demonstrates that they believe that serious bodily harm or death of a person may occur without the records requested in the ERFI.

2. RFI Request Requirements

All RFI must include the following information, and be accompanied by a lawful supporting document, for efficient processing:

2.1 Law Enforcement or Regulatory Agency Information

The following agent/regulator information is 

• Requesting Agency Name

• Requesting Agency Address

• Requesting Agency Jurisdiction

• Requesting Agent Name

• Requesting Agent Mailing Address/Authorized

(Note: Each RFI will be handled on a case by case basis and depending upon several factors the time needed to complete the request may vary greatly)

2.2 LE Request/Investigative Details

We review each RFI for records individually and prioritize requests based upon case circumstances and other factors, which may not always be obvious from the formal request. Please provide any additional details about the matter, not obvious or stated in other components of the request, so that we can ensure proper handling of the RFI. For example, if the RFI is a follow up to a previous request.

2.3 Types of Records and/or Information Requested

To better facilitate the processing of the RFI, each LE or RE is asked to be very specific regarding the types of records or information requested. Please include date ranges, types of information or records requested, subscriber/user information, and other relevant facts so to hasten the RFI. This will enable Xlive to better process RFIs as well as provide the LE/RE with more accurate and timely replies.

3. Emergency Requests for Information (ERFI) Requirements

All ERFI must include the following information and be accompanied by an ERFI Form for efficient processing:

3.1 Law Enforcement Information

The following officer/agent information is required  for each RFI:

• Requesting Agency Name

• Requesting Agency Address

• Requesting Agency Jurisdiction

• Requesting Agent Name

• Requesting Agent Mailing Address/Authorized E-mail

(Note: Upon receipt, each ERFI will be handled promptly and carefully)